A two-room flat

Wroc│aw, Stare Miasto, Rynek

We are interested in offerings:

  • - exchange for two apartments
  • - exchange for one flat with extra payment
  • - exchange for a house
  • - sale

conversion offer

  • A two-room apartment in old town

    I will sell a 2-room flat - Wroc│aw Rynek

    Flat - Wroc│aw Stare Miasto Rynek 52

    I have a 2-room flat in the center of the Wroc│aw market and I want to sell it or change it into a house or two smaller apartments or a two-room flat with extra payment.

    Tenement house after a major overhaul of the roof, electrical installation without debt.

    Double-sided apartment, a view of the Town Hall Square and the courtyard with the possibility of parking the car.

    An ideal location in the Wroc│aw Market Square - a great place for investments. Near cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, kindergartens, nurseries, primary schools and LO. Close to public transport by bus and tram. Great connection with Wroclaw Universities: University of Economics, Natural Sciences and Wroc│aw University of Technology.

  • Description of the flat

    • area: 44.36 m2
    • height: 2.75 m
    • number of rooms: 2
    • floor: 3 (from 3)
    • aftermarket
    • type of building: historic tenement house in the Market Square
    • building material: brick
    • heating: city
    • windows: PVC
    • form of ownership: full ownership
    • operating costs about PLN 320 with a repair fund
    • in the area:
      • - spacious room over 18 m2 ,
      • - room: 11 m2,
      • - bathroom with shower 3,35 m2,
      • - separate kitchen 8 m2
      • - hallway over 4 m2
    • media
      • - Orange Optical fiber 300 Mb/s and urban Internet
      • - phone
      • - Satellite TV, DVB-T - collecting antenna